Top 30 Style and type of Panties Every women should know and own.

Each pant has a different shape and thus fulfills different functions.Tight-fitting and tight underpants that do not have a leg. Also popularly known as panties and derived from the English verb to slip, the slip is probably one of the most famous slip forms worldwide. The term panties was only given to the underpants at the beginning of the 20th century, when the elastic was invented and materials such as elastane revolutionized underwear. Because they were easy to put on, the previous underpants, which were held in place with buttons, bows and ribbons, were renamed briefs and knickers.

Slips come in different shapes, which can be very different and serve different purposes. Popular panties are the Brazilian panties and the slightly less revealing Rio panties, which accentuate the legs with their cut shapes. If you like it a little closer, you can also wear a mini slip. A maxi slip, on the other hand, is slightly higher than a model with a normal cut.
Here you can read about the special features of briefs, thongs and panties – in order to find the bottom part that best suits you and your needs!

A mini string is characterized by the very thin fabric ribbons and side cuffs. A mini thong is usually V-shaped at the front and T-shaped at the back. The sides are connected with very thin strips of fabric.Extra tip: Skin-colored mini thongs are invisible under tight-fitting clothing. Make sure that the waistband does not cut into the skin (then you are wearing a size that is too small.

Strings are good to wear under tight clothing. Make sure the waistband doesn’t cut into the skin. Extra tip: Strings are good to wear under tight clothing. Be careful not to let the collar cut into the skin.
A string is the name given to those panties that cover the pubic area with a small triangle of fabric and leave the bottom uncovered. Only a small band or triangle of fabric runs between the buttocks. The term string comes from English and means something like string or cord. The cheeky little eye-catchers are available in various designs and can be worn by women and men alike.

A string skirt is a normal string that is covered with a short, attached skirt. Extra tip: String skirts should not be worn under trousers, but rather under skirts and dresses, as they could otherwise show under the clothing. Shorty
The diminutive form of shorts originally comes from the field of sports fashion. Initially made of cotton and with a drawstring, short, tight-fitting shorts with an elastic band later became popular. As tight-fitting lingerie, a shorty is ideal under figure-hugging clothing. The shorty has angled, but otherwise relatively straight leg cutouts on the inside, the lines of which meet directly at the buttock fold. In contrast to tight-fitting, shorter shorties, loosely fitting, half-length shorties are also known as French knickers. These are often found in the nightwear sector in the form of short pajamas.

With a string panty / string boxer, the cut is a combination of string and panty, hence the wider side cuffs. Extra tip: Make sure the seams on the bottom don’t cut into the skin.
The T-String or T-Back is a “relative” of the G-String or V-String, but without a fabric triangle on the back. The triangle at the front, which covers the genital area, is connected directly to the hip cord with a cord through the legs. These two strings form the eponymous T. The bottom remains uncovered with a T-string.
The V-String consists of a fabric-free triangle in the rump area. This seductive textile is held on the hips by means of thin cords and conceals the pubic region tightly and discreetly with another opaque, triangular piece of fabric. In addition, the V-string is often referred to as a microstring.
Probably the tightest underwear is the C-string, which hardly suggests a laundry item in the traditional sense, as it only covers the bare essentials. A tiny triangle of fabric covers the genital area and a fabric-covered wire runs through the buttocks. There is no such thing as a waistband or even a ribbon that holds this construction on the hips.
What is a G-String? These are the tightest panties that only cover the pubic. The G-String is a kind of thong, which consists of a fabric triangle for the lap and two strings. One of them runs around the hips, the other between the buttocks. The rear triangle is completely omitted, so that the entire bottom is displayed without textiles

A thong is a slip with extra narrow side cuffs and a low rise. A thong is a great alternative to a string because of the extra narrow side cuffs. The thong shape is similar to that of the thong. The only difference is that the rear triangle of fabric seems to be pulled up very far. A thong is a pair of underpants that consist of two equal-sized (but the ratio can also differ) fabric triangles, which are held together by means of a thin waistband or ribbon (2-3cm wide) and make the legs appear longer. The cheeky little panties completely cover the genital area and approx. 50% of the bottom. The thong is mainly worn by women; the typical feminine cut of the underwear was taken over from the famous brazilian bikinis.

A bikini brief has wider side cuffs than a thong and is characterized by the low rise (approx. 4 finger widths below the navel). The bikini slip is the classic slip shape and belongs in every wardrobe – when choosing the size, make sure that the waistband does not cut into the skin.

The cuff of a jazz pant sits above the navel (almost at the waist). A jazz pant therefore has wide side cuffs, combined with a high leg cut. Jazz pants are suitable for all sizes, but are particularly popular with larger sizes. With a jazz pant you can hide a small tummy through the higher cuff. A jazz pant also keeps your kidneys warm better.
Jazz pants are comfortable panties that peaked during the dance movie wave in the 80s. They are characterized by a moderate to high base of the legs and sit close to the waist. Such underwear can be worn by both sexes, whereby jazz pants are ideal for sporty, active underwear wearers due to the very flexible and slip-proof seat. Jazz pants have a higher seat than usual hip briefs and can convince with a sporty cut and the best freedom of movement.

Hip briefs are characterized by wide side cuffs and the straight leg cut. The waistband is about 2 fingers wide below the navel. Hip briefs are suitable for all sizes, but are particularly popular with larger sizes. The hip panty is the more comfortable variant of the bikini panty. Hipsters are briefs that are worn on the hips, are cut very tight, close to the body and lie close to the skin. They end shortly before the start of the buttocks and, unlike ordinary underpants, have small legs with a straight bottom. The choice of materials ranges from cotton to lace to synthetic. A hipster is ideal under hip jeans. Due to the hip cut, this avoids flashing under skimpy jeans.

A waist panty is characterized by the waistband lying across the navel. It has wide side cuffs and a very straight leg cut.Waist briefs are suitable for all sizes, but they are particularly popular with larger sizes.
Waist briefs, as they are slightly higher cut briefs, hide a small tummy well.

A hip panty has a straight leg cut and narrower side cuffs than a classic panty, so it is cut a bit tighter overall. A hip panty is called a hipster panty in English. It is a body-hugging underpants that can be worn by women and girls and has low cuffs. In addition, it knows how to please with a straight but short leg end and still offers a little more fabric than ordinary panties or thongs. Panties, the common English term, can be worn with low-cut skirts and trousers in particular, and they flatter every hip
Hip pants are suitable for all sizes, but are particularly popular with smaller sizes. Choose a hip panty if your bottom is flat. The tight cuts make your bottom look much more rounded. Due to the low rise, hip pants are particularly suitable for hip pants.

Girdle Panties
The girdle is a lingerie product that has figure-shaping properties and belongs to the category of shapewear / shapewear. It is cut high at the waist and comes without a leg or with a leg approach. Thanks to the elastic materials, the stomach, thighs and hips are ideally shaped, so that small problem areas can be perfectly concealed with the help of girdles, without women having to forego wearing comfort.A panty is characterized by a straight leg cut and wide side cuffs. A classic panty completely covers the bottom. A panty is a good alternative to a thong – especially in winter or on a bike under a skirt.

A control string or a form string has the shape of a normal string, but has a reinforced cuff that is pulled up to just below the navel.The control string has a particularly favorable effect on the corresponding problem area thanks to an integrated power network and makes your little tummy disappear under your clothes.


A control slip or a form slip is cut like a normal slip but has a reinforced cuff that is pulled up to just below the navel. The control slip has a particularly beneficial effect on the corresponding problem area thanks to an integrated power network and makes the stomach and hip region appear narrower.

The waist shaper in slip form is reinforced with an upper cuff that is pulled up to approx. It is also available as a variant as a waist belt. You can then wear any panty or thong under a waist belt.Waist shapers and abdominal belts are suitable for all sizes. A waist shaper has a particularly beneficial effect on the corresponding problem area thanks to an integrated power network and makes your entire silhouette appear narrower.

Boxer shorts are available for women and men. Women’s boxer shorts usually have a slightly shorter leg than the typical men’s boxer shorts. But women can also wear the classic men’s boxer shorts. Boxer shorts are good to wear under fashionable baggy jeans, but not suitable for tight-fitting trousers. They are also comfortable to wear while sleeping.
A boxer thong is a clever mix between a panty and a thong. Cut like a panty, the boxer thong has low cuffs and short, straight ankles. In contrast to the panty, however, these underpants for women have very little fabric in the buttocks region. A small triangle of fabric runs between the buttocks and conjures up a dreamy butt.
Boxer shorts are loose underpants that cover the area from the hips to the middle thigh. Like some briefs, these panties often have an opening that can be closed and opened using a button placket. Boxer shorts also have an elastic band that has been incorporated into the waistband and gives the wearer a secure hold. There are two types of these underpants. In addition to the casual version, there are also tight-fitting boxer shorts that hug the leg and hips close to the body. The casual textiles are mainly worn by men, but are also occasionally offered for women.

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