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Spring outfit with beige cardigan, green trousers and black top

Spring outfit with a beige cardigan, black top and green pants
We have only just said goodbye to winter. But I can’t really part with the colors in the springtime fashion. At the moment I like to use natural tones in beige, black and green. My look today has exactly this mixture of colors and is a subtle but perfect setting for the upcoming warmer days.

The basis of the outfits is the black top and green pants with a black belt. This base can also be worn as a to go look on a warm summer evening. The black belt in particular spices up the look and makes it an eye-catcher. I also wear black sandals. I like the shape and the heel height. The sandals are real all-rounders and go very well with everyday looks as well as evening looks.

My style is rounded off with the small green shoulder bag that I have already presented to you in so many outfits. I love the size and the storage space above all. It’s my first choice when it comes to finding a bag for essentials. The beige cardigan rounds off my outfit in a skilful way. Don’t you think so too?

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How do you like my spring outfit with a beige cardigan, black top and green pants? Let me know in the comments. I am looking forward to your feedback!

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