” Two, three, Bangtan! Hello there, we are BTS! “


BTS (Hangul: 방탄소년단; RR: Bangtan Sonyeondan), in any case, called the Bangtan Boys, is a seven-section South Korean teen gathering formed in Seoul in 2013. The name transformed into a backronym for Beyond the Scene in July 2017. The septet co-makes and makes a lot of their outcomes. At first, settled in a hip leap, BTS‘ melodic style has progressed to fuse a wide extent of classes. Their refrains, routinely based on private and social scrutinize, address the subjects of enthusiastic prosperity, bothers of youthful youth, adversity, the outing towards venerating oneself, and autonomy. Their work features references to composing and mental thoughts and consolidates an elective universe storyline. Popular for their live presentations, the social occasion has organized a couple of world visits.

The social occasion at first formed as young people under Big Hit Entertainment and conveyed their presentation single assortment, 2 Cool 4 Skool (2013). Following work like their first U.S. Board 200 segments The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 2 (2015), The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever (2016), and Wings (2016) spread out BTS’ reputation as a socially perceptive get-together. Wings became BTS’ first assortment to sell 1,000,000 copies in South Korea. By 2017, BTS crossed into the worldwide music market, driving the Korean Wave into the United States and breaking different arrangements records, transforming into the essential Korean social occasion to get an affirmation by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) with their single “Mic Drop.” The band is the singular Korean approach beginning in 2019 to top the U.S. Board 200 with their studio assortment Love Yourself: Tear (2018) and have since hit the most elevated mark of the U.S. charts with their assortments Love Yourself: Answer (2018) and Map of the Soul: Persona (2019), making BTS the fundamental get-together since The Beatles to obtain three number one assortments in less than a year. Love Yourself: Answer in like manner broke South Korea’s Gaon Album Chart’s immaculate month-to-month record as of late set by Love Yourself: Tear and transformed into the important Korean assortment attested Gold in the United States.

In 2018, BTS had the second and third raving success assortments worldwide and were the ensuing top-of-the-line specialists all over the planet. In 2019, Map of the Soul: Persona transformed into the raving success assortment in Korean history, and BTS transformed into the top-of-the-line specialist in South Korea ever, having sold north of fourteen million assortments. The get-together won Top Social Artist three years in a row and Top Duo/Group at the 26th Billboard Music Awards. Time magazine has named the band one of the 25 most convincing people on the web, remembered them for their overall cover as “State of the art Leaders,” and named them one of Time 100’s most influential people of 2019. Forbes Korea Power Celebrity has named BTS the most influential VIPs of Korea in 2018. BTS are worth more than $4.65 billion to South Korea’s economy consistently, attracting one in every 13 new tourists that visit the country, and are referred to as one of the keys shows helping overall music arrangements to $19 billion out of 2018, a figure unbelievable start around 2006 after modernized purchases gained energy.

Following their helpful undertakings in their Love Myself against brutality campaign in association with UNICEF, BTS watched out for the United Nations 73rd General Assembly and transformed into the youngest ever recipients of the Order of Cultural Merit from the President of South Korea as a result of their responsibilities in spreading Korean culture and language.


The get-together’s name, BTS, is a condensing for the Korean enunciation Bangtan Sonyeondan (Hangul: 방탄소년단; Hanja: 防彈少年團), from a genuine perspective meaning “Indestructible Boy Scouts”. The name was conceptualized with the likelihood that BTS would close out speculations, responses, and presumptions that point to teens like shots and shield the characteristics and norms of the present adolescents.[1][2] In Japan, they are known as Bōdan Shōnendan (防弾少年団), which interprets similarly.[3] In July 2017, BTS pronounced that as well as being known as Bangtan Sonyeondan or Bulletproof Boy Scouts, the contraction would moreover signify “Past The Scene” as a component of their new picture identity This somewhat long their name to imply “creating youth BTS who is going past the genuine elements they are defying, and going forward.”


2010-2012: Pre-debut

BTS’ first people were enlisted through Big’s “Hit it” tryouts in 2010 and 2011. The main arrangement went through a couple of changes before the last assembling of people was spread out in 2012. An enormous piece of a year before making a big appearance, the people began gathering their name and making a relationship with fans through Twitter, video sites, fan cafe posts, and by conveying different song covers through YouTube and SoundCloud.

Before showing up in 2013, RM was by then procedure as an underground rapper and had conveyed a couple of tracks nonchalantly, fusing a joint exertion with Zico. Jin had been a student at Konkuk University, concentrating on acting, before being street cast for tryouts, while Suga was an underground rapper in Daegu. J-Hope, who was fundamental for a street dance bunch named NEURON, was dynamic in the underground moving scene, checking out various battles and challenges. Before joining Big Hit, Jimin entered Busan High School of Arts as the top student in current dance but later moved to Korea Arts High School with V, who gave a shot in Daegu. Jungkook was projected by various associations right after forgetting about pursuing Superstar K, but in the end, picked Big Hit resulting in seeing Rap Monster’s rap.

2013-2014: debut

The social affair’s presentation single assortment 2 Cool 4 Skool, the primary piece in their “school set of three” series, was conveyed simultaneously with its lead single “No More Dream” on June 12, 2013. While the assortment peaked at number five on the Gaon Album Chart and sold north of 105,000 copies, “No More Dream” and the resulting single “We Are Bulletproof Pt.2” were not critical hits. Developing their endeavors into Japan, “No More Dream” was later re-recorded in Japanese and followed through on June 4, 2014.

The second part to the “school set of three” was the somewhat long play O!RUL8,2?, followed through on September 11, 2013, which offered more than 120,000 copies to date and peaked at number four. Its supporting singles “N.O” and “Attack on Bangtan” (Korean: 진격의 방탄; Revised Romanization: Jingyeogui Bangtan) failed to outline high. That very month, BTS highlighted in their dramatic show, SBS-MTV’s Rookie King Channel Bangtan, considering a fake transmission station, “Channel Bangtan”, through which people ridicule dramatic introductions like VJ Special Forces and MasterChef Korea. At the year’s end, BTS was seen with a couple of New Artist of the Year awards, including the 2013 Melon Music Awards and Golden Disk Awards and the 2014 Seoul Music Awards.

The last dare to their “school set of three”, Skool Luv Affair (2014) outclassed the Gaon Chart and sold more than 200,000 copies. It furthermore peaked at number three on Billboard’s World Albums Chart. The assortment was maintained by the singles “Child in Luv” (Korean: 상남자; RR: Sang-namja) and “Just a single Day” (Korean: 하루만; RR: Haruman). That June, BTS partook as judges for a K-pop cover dance challenge in the Bridge to Korea festivity in Russia, an event that intended to propel the movement business between the two countries, where they moreover acted before a group of people. In August, the social occasion moreover went to KCON in Los Angeles. That very month, they conveyed their first Korean studio assortment, Dark and Wild, which peaked at number two on the Gaon Chart and sold more than 200,000 copies. It was maintained by two singles: “Hazard” and “Clash of Hormone” (Korean: 호르몬 전쟁, RR: Horeumon Jeonjaeng).

Their Japanese studio assortment, Wake Up (2014), conveyed that December, peaking at number three on the without fail Oricon Albums Chart and selling 25,000 copies. Close by re-recorded Japanese variations of more prepared tunes, it in like manner contained the main tracks “Wake Up” and “The Stars”. Their first show visit, 2014 BTS Live Trilogy Episode II: The Red Bullet, was held from October to December.

2015-2016: Mainstream jump forward and business accomplishment

Around the beginning of 2015, BTS visited Japan strangely with their BTS’s First Japan Tour-Wake Up: Open Your Eyes. They furthermore held their ensuing execution show in Korea, BTS Live Trilogy – Episode 1: BTS Begins. Their third EP, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1 (2015), was conveyed that March and was the vitally Korean assortment to be associated with Fuse’s overview of the “27 Best Albums of 2015 So Far” that year. The lead single “I Need U” was a super five hit on the step by step Gaon Digital Chart in South Korea and procured BTS their absolute first music show win on SBS MTV’s The Show. Though the ensuing single, “Dope (Korean: 쩔어; RR: Jjeoreo)”, bested at number 44 on the consistently Gaon Digital Chart, its music video became BTS’ first to construct more than 100 million points of view on YouTube in October. “Dope” later bested at number three on Billboard’s World Digital Songs Chart. The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1 has offered north of 300,000 copies to date.

On March 17, 2015, the social occasion’s boss RM (then, known as Rap Monster) conveyed his first solo mixtape, the eponymous RM, for nothing on the continuous element of SoundCloud. The mixtape was situated 48th on the “50 Best Hip Hop Albums of 2015” list appropriated by Spin Magazine.

BTS’ fourth Japanese single, “For You”, was conveyed that June to adulate the primary remembrance of their Japanese presentation. The single beat Oricon’s step-by-step chart, selling more than 42,000 copies inside its first day. They in like manner began their 2015 Live Trilogy Episode: The Red Bullet world visit, and checked out the Summer Sonic Festival visit in Japan.

On August 16, 2016, Suga conveyed his first solo mixtape named Agust D in vain on SoundCloud. The mixtape was recorded among the “Best 20 Mixtapes of the Year” by Fuse TV.

During their three-day The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: On Stage visit, the social occasion played out the new song “Run”, the lead single for the EP The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 2 later followed through on November 30, 2015. The assortment outmaneuvered the step-by-step Gaon Album and Billboard World Albums graphs and remained on the last choice for a seriously lengthy timespan, making BTS the essential K-pop exhibit to achieve that achievement. It also peaked at number 171 on the Billboard 200 Chart with north of 5,000 copies. At the 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards, they got the Best World Performer in affirmation of their overall fanbase.

The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1 and Part 2 were in this way solidified into The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever (2016) form, and was maintained by three singles: the best 40 hits “Epilog: Young Forever”, the vitally 10 hits “Fire” (Korean: 불타오르네; RR: Bultaoreune), and the best 20 hits “Save Me”. A two-day show at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul was held in May to help the assortment, followed by their Asia visit. The get-together similarly included the two US KCON shows held that year in New Jersey (June) and Los Angeles (July), to sold-out swarms. Young Forever later won Album of the Year at the year-end Melon Music Awards, transforming into the get-together’s first critical remarkable prize (daesang).

On September 7, 2016, BTS conveyed their second Japanese studio assortment Youth, selling in excess of 44,000 copies on its first day of conveyance and situating number one in Japan. Japanese variants of “I Need U” and “Run” were conveyed as singles. Meanwhile, back in their country of beginning, pre-orders for the social event’s second Korean studio assortment, Wings, conveyed that October collected north of 500,000 copies inside the primary week. The lead single “Hard labor” achieved an “all-kill” in South Korea, transforming into their first number one hit on the without fail Gaon Digital Chart.Its music video gained north of 6 million viewpoints inside 24 hours, breaking the previous record held tight YouTube for the greatest number of points of view on a K-well known social occasion music video inside 24 hours. They later won Artist of the Year at the 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards, transforming into the essential expert not from a “Significant Three” redirection association (SM, YG, and JYP) to do so.

2017: You Never Walk Alone, Love Yourself: Her, and worldwide affirmation

In mid-2017, BTS left on their BTS Live Trilogy Episode III: The Wings Tour. That February, pre-orders for the repackaged arrival of Wings, entitled You Never Walk Alone, came to more than 700,000 copies. The lead single “Spring Day” (Korean: 봄날; RR: Bomnal) beat eight of the huge South Korean online music outlines, as well as Gaon, and crashed Melon’s high-level diagram in light of the incredible immersion of client traffic. It similarly entered the US Billboard’s Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles diagram at number 15 with “zero progressions”.

On July 5, 2017, Big Hit Entertainment and BTS uncovered one more logo for the band in a video followed through on the power YouTube channel. This video was joined by the presentation that as well as being known as Bangtan Sonyeondan or Bulletproof Boy Scouts, their contraction would similarly signify “Past The Scene” as a component of their new picture identity. Also, they gave A.R.M.Y (there being a fan) a logo, which looks opposite to theirs.

Their fifth EP, Love Yourself: Her (2017), was let that September and featured music out of The Chainsmokers’ Andrew Taggart for the track “Best of Me”. The lead single “DNA” peaked at number two on the step by step Gaon Chart,[13] while its music video came to more than 20 million viewpoints on YouTube, breaking the record for most saw K-well known social event music video inside the underlying 24 hours. “DNA” also transformed into the social occasion’s first segment on the Billboard Hot 100 at number 85, making BTS the important K-pop adolescent gathering to do in that capacity and the resulting Korean exhibition with a Korean-language tune. At the point when “DNA” rose to number 67, it transformed into the most essential graphing song on the Billboard Hot 100 for a K-pop assembling, beating Wonder Girls’ previous record at number 76. A remix for their tune, “MIC Drop”, by Steve Aoki and Desiigner was conveyed as the ensuing single, peaking at number 23 in South Korea and number 28 on the Billboard Hot 100, transforming into the super top 40 areas for a K-pop assembling on the chart.[14] “DNA” and “MIC Drop” were hence conveyed as a triple-A side single in Japan with the new song “Jewel Snow” which beat the Oricon Chart, transforming into the most critical selling single from a K-pop skilled worker inside seven days, and making BTS the foremost new specialist to achieve this.

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In November 2017, the social event transformed into the key K-pop assembly to perform at the American Music Awards. Following the presentation, Guinness World Records proclaimed that BTS will be fused their 2018 arrival of the Guinness Book of World Records for having the world’s most Twitter responsibility and unequivocally for most Twitter responsibility by a music group. BTS was moreover named by Twitter to be the most-tweeted-about expert of 2017, and situated first worldwide in yearly electronic media responsibility with 502 million inclinations and retweets.

They won their second Artist of the Year at the 2017 Mnet Asian Music Awards, transforming into the chief demonstration to win the honor two years in a row. “Spring Day” afterward won Best Song of the Year at the Melon Music Awards. That December, they performed on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve to welcome the new year, making them the essential K-pop assembling to be significant for the show’s lineup.[20] They also made their Japanese TV music show debut on TV Asahi’s Japan Music Station Super Live on December 22.

On December 12, BTS was tended to on six of the Billboard “Year-End” Charts. The social occasion situated No. 1 on the “World Albums Artists” layout, No. 2 on the “World Albums” layout, No. 1 on the “Social 50 Artists” layout, No. 2 on the “Top Artists – Duo/Group” layout, and negative. 32 on the “Independent Albums” layout. They are furthermore situated as No. 10 on the “Top Artists” layout and are the principal K-pop specialists to have made the list.

2018: Hope World, assortment affirmation, and overall honors

In January 2018, the Recording Industry Association of Japan announced BTS’ absolute first Double Platinum affirmation for their “MIC Drop/DNA/Crystal Snow” single, the vitally single assortment by a new skilled worker in 2017 to sell north of 500,000 copies and get testament on the Oricon outline for that year. Before long, BTS transformed into the vital specialist outside of the “Immense Three” to win both Grand Prize Daesang awards at the Golden Disk Awards and the Seoul Music Awards independently. In February, both the “MIC Drop” and “DNA” singles were ensured Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America, making BTS the super Korean show, and the fundamental K-pop expert ever, to get this.

On February 8, Big Hit won the distinction for its new Brand Identity (BI) with BTS’ logo under the Corporate Identity/Branding class inside Communication Design at the current year’s honor show, laying out BTS’ by and large influence.

On February 11, bargains for Love Yourself: Her beat 1.58 million, the most vital arrangements recorded for an assortment in Gaon Chart history.

Suga’s mixtape, Agust D, was conveyed unannounced on Spotify and iTunes overall curiously on February 22, a greater number of than quite a while since its exceptional conveyance. Inside 24 hours, the assortment showed up at No. 1 on the by and large iTunes traces and the iTunes Pop Charts. The following week, the assortment showed up at No. 3 on the Billboard World Albums layout dated March 3, 2018.

On March 2, 2018, J-Hope conveyed his first solo mixtape named Hope World in vain download on Google Drive, spouting on Spotify and SoundCloud, and for purchase on iTunes. The going with the music video for the title track, “Dream”, showed up at 1 million inclinations in 1 hour 43 minutes, making it the fastest Korean video to show up at the benchmark. With 73 No. 1 spots on the iTunes outline worldwide before the completion of its first day, Hope World connected with the past BTS release, Love Yourself: Her, for the most No. 1 spots held by a Korean assortment on iTunes inside the underlying 24 hours. As of March 5, the assortment remained at No. 1 on the iTunes Worldwide Charts, stepping 5 days at No. 1 and breaking the record for the longest-graphing Korean assortment at No. 1 on the graph as of late held by Love Yourself: Her. The assortment showed up at No. 63 on the Billboard 200 Chart, making J-Hope the most raised graphing solo K-pop show in Billboard 200 history. J-Hope also showed up at No. 3 on the Billboard Emerging Artists diagram, where individual bandmates RM and Suga (as Agust D) both as of late peaked at No. 46.

The music video for “DNA” showed up at 300 million viewpoints on March 6, 2018, making it only one of 3 K-pop accounts to show up at the benchmark and the fastest video to do as such to date. The video showed up at 300 million points of view in 5 months and 16 days, breaking the record of 13 months and 28 days by “TT” by TWICE.

On March 11, BTS won both the “Best Fan Army” and “Best Boy Band” grants at the 2018 iHeartRadio Awards held in California, albeit the gathering declined to go to the occasion because of a bustling timetable as they get ready for their forthcoming collection discharge later this year.

A unique narrative series, entitled Burn the Stage, that offers an in the background check out the gathering’s 2017 Wings Tour was authoritatively reported on March 13. Comprising of eight episodes, it will debut solely on YouTube Red and run from March 28 to May 9.

On April 4, 2018, their third Japanese studio collection Face Yourself was delivered. Face Yourself beat the Japanese Oricon Weekly Album Chart for the seven days of April 2, with 282,000 duplicates. As indicated by Japan’s Oricon Chart on April 12, BTS’ third Japanese collection sold 282,000 duplicates in the primary week (April 2-April 8). This breaks the record by KARA, who sold 275,000 duplicates of their Japanese collection ‘Super Girl’ in the principal seven-day stretch of November 2011.

On April 5, 2018, at 12 PM KST, Big Hit delivered a video named “Rapture: Theme of LOVE YOURSELF 起 Wonder”, on their authority YouTube channel. The clasp seems to name the band’s impending collection, for the ‘Love Yourself series, a development to last year’s record-breaking EP Love Yourself: Her, it is accepted to stamp the start of another time for the gathering, pursuing the direction of past BTS rebounds, however Big Hit Entertainment denies such claims.

The gathering later reported their third Korean-language LP, Love Yourself: Tear, on April 14, alongside its May 18 delivery date.[31]

On April 17, BTS was designated again for Top Social Artist at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards, making them the sole Korean craftsman to be selected two years in a row. The next week, they were reported as entertainers at the show where they will debut their new rebound single.

BTS has established another standard for stock pre-orders for their forthcoming collection “Love Yourself: Tear.” According to iriver, the organization dealing with the conveyance of BTS’s new collection, “Love Yourself: Tear” has arrived at a sum of 1,449,287 stock pre-orders as of April 24. This is the absolute number of stock pre-orders made by discount vendors and retailers in Korea and does exclude stock pre-orders made by worldwide retailers.

Their 2018 world visit, named “BTS World Tour: Love Yourself”, was authoritatively declared on April 26 and is set to start on August 25 in Seoul.

On May 1, 2018, Variety announced that BTS would be getting back to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, playing out another melody from Love Yourself: Tear named “Counterfeit LOVE”


BTS delivered a video named “LOVE YOURSELF Tear ‘Peculiarity’ Comeback Trailer” on May 6 at 12 PM KST ahead of the delivery Love Yourself: Tear on May 18. The video highlights V as the independent performer for the track, his subsequent performance track for the gathering, and first as a collection introduction track vocalist. Inside one hour and 29 minutes of its delivery, the music video arrived at 1 million preferences on YouTube, making it the quickest BTS video to arrive at this achievement. Having outperformed the record of 8 hours set by “DNA”, this likewise made “Peculiarity” the quickest music video ever to arrive at 1 million preferences. Following the arrival of the “Peculiarity” video, BTS’ choreographer Son Sung Deuk announced V to be an individual from the “Dance Line” on his Instagram account, putting V close by Jungkook and Jimin as the gatherings’ Main Dancers under J-Hope as the Lead Dancer.

Love Yourself: Tear was delivered worldwide on Friday, May 18 on generally web-based and download services. The music video for the title track, FAKE LOVE, was delivered at the same time and broke the world record for the quickest music video to arrive at 1 million preferences by arriving at the achievement in only 39 minutes. This broke the record of 1 hour and 29 minutes recently set by their tune Intro: Singularity.

On May 21 at 12:30 a.m. KST, “Counterfeit Love” accomplished an ideal all-kill on iChart, the gathering’s first. An ideal all-kill (PAK) implies that the tune is in the lead position on the six significant real-time and every day outlines (Melon, Genie, Bugs, Mnet, Naver, and Soribada), as well as the lead position on the real-time and week after week diagrams for Instiz’s iChart.

On May 20, BTS was granted the Top Social Artist Award at the 2018 Billboard Awards in Las Vegas, having caught 94% of the general fan vote.

On May 27, BTS turned into the first K-pop demonstration in quite a while history to top the Billboard 200 as the gathering’s Love Yourself: Tear opened at Number One. The collection sold 135,000 collection identical units (counting 100,000 unadulterated collection deals), becoming BTS’ most elevated outlining and the first number one collection in quite a while, the main K-pop collection to top the US collections diagram and the most elevated diagramming collection by an Asian demonstration. “Counterfeit LOVE” crested at number ten on the Billboard Hot 100 that very week, turning into the band’s most elevated arriving at melody on the diagram as well as their first in the main ten. Generally speaking, “Counterfeit Love” is the seventeenth non-English tune to arrive at the best ten and the first for a K-Pop gathering. The single additionally appeared at number seven on Billboard’s Streaming Songs diagram with 27.4 million streams procured in the week finishing May 24, giving BTS its first top ten on the graph and making “Counterfeit Love” the principal K-pop tune to arrive on top ten since Psy’s “Headache” accomplishment. Sneak Dogg in 2014. Love Yourself: Tear additionally arrived at number eight on the UK Albums Chart, denoting the gathering’s first top ten collections in the country.

On July 17, the gathering declared the arrival of their second accumulation collection Love Yourself: Answer for August 24, 2018, with seven new tracks added to the release. Their 2018 world visit, named BTS World Tour: Love Yourself, started the next day in Seoul. For the last stop of the North American leg, the band will perform at Citi Field, denoting whenever a Korean demonstration first has performed at a U.S. arena. Every one of the 40,000 tickets for the arena date was subsequently affirmed by Big Hit Entertainment to have sold out in less than 20 minutes. On August 24, 2018, the collection was delivered, alongside the music video for “Symbol” and an elective form of the track including Nicki Minaj. Debuting at number one on the US Billboard 200, the collection became BTS’ second number-one collection their second of 2018-and their most noteworthy deals week in the country to date. It procured 185,000 collection comparable units, which contains 141,000 in unadulterated collection deals, 25,000 SEA units (39.01 million on-request sound floods of the collection’s melodies), and 19,000 TEA units.Making BTS the main K-pop demonstration with two Billboard 200 clinchers and the primary pop demonstration with two number one collections in under a year since One Direction finished off the diagram with Four out of 2014, which followed their 2013 collection Midnight Memories. In Canada, “Love Yourself: Answer” turned into the band’s first number-one collection on the Canadian Albums Chart, acquiring north of 10,000 utilization units. The single from the collection, “Symbol”, arrived at number five on the Canadian Singles Chart, stamping BTS’ first top-ten hit in Canada.

On September 19, BTS was welcome to go to the 73rd Session of the United Nations General Assembly. As per UN sources, BTS will go to the send-off of UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund’s) “Age Unlimited” organization that will happen on September 24 at 12 p.m. nearby time at the UN Headquarters in New York, a day before the overall discussion will start. “Age Unlimited” is another worldwide association that is “committed to expanding valuable open doors and ventures for youngsters and youngsters matured 10 to 24.” BTS is said to have been noted by the United Nations for their UNICEF crusade called “Love Myself,” which was sent off in October 2017 and has raised more than 1 million dollars as of June 2018. An UN representative communicated how outstanding it is for a K-pop craftsman to be welcome to go to one of the UN General Assembly’s normal meetings. Secretary-General of the United Nations António Guterres, UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta H. Front, South Korean First Lady Kim Jung Sook, and a few others are relied upon to join in.

On October 14, 2018, they performed at the Korea-France Friendship Concert in Paris, a culmination intended to show the cordial relations between France and South Korea. Around 400 authorities went to the gathering, remembering South Korean president Moon Jae-for.

On October 18, Big Hit Entertainment sent an email to its organization representatives and partners reporting that BTS had restored their agreement with the office. As per the email, the reestablished agreement is 7 years in length.

On October 20, RM declared employing BTS’ Twitter to report the delivery date for his second mixtape named mono with the tracklist and a message “RM’s playlist ‘mono.’ 10/23”. RM depicts mono as a playlist, however, a few distributions have alluded to it as a “mixtape”. On October 21, 2018, rapper RM delivered mono on advanced and streaming stages free of charge close by a music video for its last track “Perpetually Rain”. The playlist incorporates verse recordings for its second and third tracks, “Seoul” and “Moonchild”, individually. Mono appeared at number 1 on the worldwide iTunes Top Albums outline and later topped at number 1 of every 88 nations.

Moving over to film, Burn The A unique narrative series, entitled Burn the Stage, that offers an in the background take a gander at the gathering’s 2017 Wings Tour was authoritatively declared on March 13. Comprising of eight episodes, it will debut solely on YouTube Red and run from March 28 to May 9.

On April 4, 2018, their third Japanese studio collection Face Yourself was delivered. Face Yourself beat the Japanese Oricon Weekly Album Chart for the seven days of April 2, with 282,000 duplicates. As indicated by Japan’s Oricon Chart on April 12, BTS’ third Japanese collection sold 282,000 duplicates in the main stage: The Movie was delivered in performance centers worldwide on November 15, 2018. In the United States, it gathered $1.2 million on the first day of the season for a sum of $3.54 million over the extended weekend, breaking the record for highest netting occasion film melodic creation which was recently set in 2014 by the band One Direction. It ranked at number ten in the box office despite selling at only 620 locations compared to the 2,000-4,000 locations for the other top ten sellers.

On November 9, 2018 “Love Yourself: Answer” transformed into the chief Korean assortment to be certified Gold (500,000+ units), and BTS transformed into the essential Korean social event to get a Platinum (1,000,000+ units) assertion with the single “MIC Drop” in the United States.

On November 6, 2018, BTS won eleven distinctions at the MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards, including Album of the Year and Artist of the Year. On November 29, 2018, BTS won the superb prize (“daesang”) at the third Asia Artist Awards. On December initial, 2018, BTS won a total of seven distinctions at the 2018 Melon Music Awards, including Album of the Year with Love Yourself: Tear, and Artist of the Year. On December 14, 2018, BTS won ten distinctions at the Mnet Asian Music Awards, including Album of the Year and Artist of the Year. This is evident in their third year in a row winning the Artist of the Year award.

According to StubHub BTS was one of 2018’s best-in-class shows on earth, second to simply Ed Sheeran.

In December 2018, Billboard declared that BTS situated #8 in their year-end Top Artist Chart, nearby any similarity to Drake and Taylor Swift. They were moreover the No. 2 showing of the year in the Duo/Group situating, simply behind Imagine Dragons. Around a similar time, they made the Bloomberg 50, preferring to their capacity to determine social issues, enthusiastic prosperity, and official issues, in any case, being in a class that can be painted as air pocket gum pop.

In December 2018, it was announced that Love Yourself: Tear had been assigned for a Grammy Award for ‘Best Recording Package’.


2019: Map of the Soul: Persona, field world visit, BTS World, and Period of Rest
In February 2019, BTS went to the 61st Grammy Awards as award mediators. It was their first time going to the event following an appearance by the social occasion at the LA Grammy Museum in 2018. In April, BTS transformed into the key Asian show to outflank 5 billion streams on Spotify, and Time named BTS as one of Time 100’s most powerful people of 2019.

Their sixth EP, Map of the Soul: Persona, was followed through on April 12 with the lead single “Child With Luv” (Korean: 작은 것들을 위한 시; RR: Jageun geotdeureul wihan si), including American performer Halsey. The EP’s conveyance was followed by a show on Saturday Night Live, as the Korean exhibition to do accordingly. The social event’s appearance was normal as one of the best in the show’s arrangement of encounters. Monetarily, BTS showed up at new calling heights. Guide of the Soul: Persona transformed into the essential Korean-language assortment to show up at the fundamental circumstance in both the UK and Australia and the social event’s third progressive assortment to top the Billboard 200 and the third inside eleven months, joining any similarity to The Beatles, who achieved something almost identical in 1995-96. The EP transformed into the first in class real assortment in the USA for the drawn-out time of 2019, with 312,000 real arrangements. Guide of the Soul: Persona later transformed into the top-of-the-line assortment ever in South Korea, with more than 3.2 million arrangements in less than a month. Before BTS, the top of the line was overpowered by late 90’s assortments, making BTS the fundamental exhibition molded after 2000 to be featured in the best 10 raving success list.

“Kid With Luv” showed up at number 8 on the Billboard Hot 100, the most raised in history for a Korean assembling, and its music video transformed into the most-seen web-based video inside the underlying 24 hours beginning at 2019, gathering more than 74.6 million points of view. “Kid With Luv” was ensured in different countries, recollecting for Australia where “Child With Luv” was guaranteed Gold, selling 35,000 units, and affirmed Platinum in the US by the Recording Industry Association of America, selling more than 1,000,000 units. Guide of the Soul: Persona furthermore accomplished Silver in the UK, selling north of 60,000 units.

In May 2019, following their two victories at the 26th Billboard Music Awards, including a triumph for Top Duo/Group, BTS left on their field world visit extension, Love Yourself: Speak Yourself, with dates in different field scenes including Wembley Stadium, Stade de France, MetLife Stadium, Rose Bowl, and Soldier Field. All dates sold out within two hours with second dates for all scenes added because of the allure. During the visit, BTS performed on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and got going Good Morning America’s ‘Pre-summer Concert Series’ as headliners at Central Park in Manhattan. They also performed on the finale episode of The Voice and one of the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent.

In the main spot up to the appearance of their new versatile game BTS World set for June 2019, BTS conveyed three facilitated exertion singles, “Dream Glow” including English entertainer Charli XCX, “A Brand New Day” with Swedish craftsman Zara Larsson, and “Throughout the Night” featuring American rapper Juice Wrld. The band moreover conveyed the tune “Heartbeat” with a music video from the game’s actual soundtrack, named BTS World: Original Soundtrack. Made by the South Korean association Netmarble, the game was followed through on June 26 to iOS and Android systems in the north of 175 countries. BTS tenth Japanese single, and fourth special Japanese tune by and large, “Lights”, was followed through on July 3. Pre-orders for the twofold A-side single beat 1 million copies, breaking a 24-year-old record for new skilled workers as of late held solely by Celine Dion with her 1995 single “To Love You More”. This conspicuous at whatever point a Korean skilled worker originally cultivated 1,000,000 shipments for alone in Japan.

In August 2019, Love Yourself: Her and Love Yourself: Tear showed up at 2 million copies in South Korea, making every one of the three assortments of the Love Yourself series sell various million copies in South Korea. Notwithstanding the business records, Love Yourself: Tear is conceded the “Twofold Million” affirmation by Korea Music Content Association after Love Yourself: Answer allowed in October 2018, Love Yourself: Her brilliant its substitution Love Yourself: Tear in right around 16,000 copies contrast. BTS World: Original Soundtrack has shown up at 500,000 copies and allowed the “Twofold Platinum’ assertion, making their first soundtrack assortment to have the authorization since Gaon shipped off the endorsement the prior year.

On August 11, Big Hit Entertainment authoritatively revealed that strangely since their show in 2013, BTS will make some powerful memories of rest. Yet again according to the association, this will be an opportunity for the get-together to recharge and “present themselves as entertainers and creators.”

In October, BTS performed at King Fahd International Stadium in Riyadh, transforming into the essential new exhibit to play out a presentation show in Saudi Arabia. For the last stop of their record-breaking Love Yourself: Speak Yourself World Tour, the band held a run of three sold-out nights at Seoul’s Olympic Stadium to close this part of their story. According to Billboard’s year-end Boxscore outlines, the get-together acquired more than $196 million and played to more than 1.6 million people across 42 shows in the chart period going from Nov. 1, 2018, to Oct. 31, 2019, and situated third commonly on the year-end Top 40 Tours outline behind Ed Sheeran and Pink. The get-together outgrossed legacy rock acts like the Rolling Stones, Metallica, and KISS, as well as individual high schooler pop band the Backstreet Boys, making them the top-acquiring visiting social event of 2019. That very month, the social occasion conveyed a remix version of the song “Make It Right” featuring American singer Lauv as the second single from their assortment Map of the Soul: Persona.

In November, BTS transformed into the essential K-pop assembling to win the Favorite Duo or Group – Pop/Rock at the 2019 American Music Awards and the Favorite Social Artist award progressively in 2018 and 2019. In December, they went to both the 2019 Melon Music Awards and 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards. The get-together transformed into the essential skilled worker all through the whole presence of K-fly to get commonly fantastic prizes from the two capacities; getting four from each award show. Close to the year’s end, BTS situated number fifteen on Billboard’s year-end Top Artist Chart and were in like manner the number two exhibition of the year in the Duo/Group situating, simply behind Jonas Brothers. They were named as 2019 Hitmakers Group of the Year by Variety. They were moreover the most-tweeted-about entertainers of 2019. On December 31, 2019, BTS acted in New York City’s Times Square for ABC’s Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. At the 34th Golden Disk Awards, BTS transformed into the primary experts in history to win astounding prizes in both the physical and progressed classes in a singular year. BTS wrapped 2019 as the fourth-best assembling on Billboard’s Top Billboard 200 Artists – Duo/Group situating, simply behind Queen, Imagine Dragons, and The Beatles.

2020: Map of the Soul: 7

bts map of the soul 7 tracklist

On January 7, 2020, Big Hit Entertainment pronounced that BTS will convey their fourth Korean-language studio assortment, Map of the Soul: 7, on February 21 with two singles. On January 10, BTS conveyed a trailer for the assortment featuring Suga’s presentation track “Stretch: Shadow”. On January 17, BTS conveyed the single “Dull Swan”, close by a development craftsmanship film performed by Slovenian-based MN Dance Company. The power music video for the lead single will be followed through on February 28. On January 15, Big Hit proclaimed that as demonstrated by vendor Dreams, the assortment beat 3.42 million stock pre-orders in its underlying seven days from January 9 through January 15. These pre-release numbers outflanked pre-orders of Map of the Soul: Persona which sold 2.685 million preorders in its underlying five days. On January 21, BigHit announced the Map of the Soul Tour, BTS’ fourth general show visit, and second field visit. The visit would propel their Map of the Soul series, including their Map of the Soul: Persona EP, and Map of the Soul: 7 studio assortment. On January 23, the Recording Academy revealed that BTS would perform with Lil Nas X, Billy Ray Cyrus, Diplo, and more in an extraordinary piece at the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards, appropriately making BTS the super Korean exhibition to perform on the Grammy’s stage. “Image” and Love Yourself: Answer got platinum licenses, both selling above 1,000,000 affirmed units in the United States. “Image” transformed into the get-together’s third Platinum single while Answer transformed into the social affair’s first Platinum assortment, making BTS the essential Korean specialist to accomplish this attestation in the US.


BTS co-forms makes and makes much out of their outcome, to which a couple of information sources have credited their flourishing. Since their starting point, BTS has made and kept a style of “mix music” with an emphasis on hip bob as their melodic base by and large because of the effect of RM and Suga’s insight as underground rappers and their essential producer Pdogg. Rather than expecting to stick to a specific sort, BTS has brought glossy new parts into their melodic assortment with each new assortment. BTS’ sound began with old-school hip skip impacts heard on 2 Cool 4 Skool and O!RUL8,2?, yet created to join R&B and rock with Skool Luv Affair and Dark and Wild, musical strings and electronic dance music with their The Most Beautiful Moment in Life assortment series, moombahton, neo-soul, and gospel in Wings and You Never Walk Alone, and future bass, Latin pop, and jazz hip leap in their Love Yourself assortment series

BTS’ sections are known for their social talk, habitually joining examination of South Korean culture. Tunes, for instance, “No More Dream” and “N.O” from their “school set of three” were significantly pushed by their experiences with South Korea’s highlight on guidance and called for the change to the preparation structure and social presumptions. Their experiences with youth culture in South Korea spiced up tunes like “Dope” and “Silver Spoon” (Korean: 뱁새; RR: Baepsae) from their “youth series,” alluding to generational uniqueness and the millennial’s giving up of sincere associations, marriage, young people, authentic business, homes, and public movement in any case monetary difficulties and social ills while going up against judgment from the media and more prepared ages. The tune “Am I Wrong” from Wings (2016) tended to social standoffish quality towards the state of ongoing improvements the section “We all are canines and pigs/we become canines since we’re angry” alluded to the South Korean Ministry of Education official Na Hyang-work who was a safeguard of the positioning system and depicted the ordinary person as “canines and pigs,” and BTS played out the tune on TV during the 2016 South Korean political shock that provoked the incrimination of ex-President Park Geun-Hye. RM and Suga’s fights with enthusiastic wellbeing spurred songs like “Tomorrow”, “Presentation: The Most Beautiful Moment in Life”, “Up until this point Away”, “The Last”, and “Everlastingly Rain.” “Not Today” from You Never Walk Alone (2017) is a resistant psalm, with messages maintaining for minority social affairs, while “Spring Day” was made to memorialize the overcomers of the Sewol Ferry mishap.

Tastefulness Jeong, chief in-head of Soompi, cheered the social occasion by communicating that, “BTS has a remark, and has an extraordinary advancing technique that doesn’t separate non-Korean-talking fans.” While they have gotten approval for their stanzas, in 2016 the get-together faced responses of sexism concerning the sections of “Clash of Hormone”, “Speak High”, and RM’s free tune “Joke”, as well as a Twitter comment made by Suga. The social affair’s name later delivered a placating opinion.

BTS’ has referred to Nas, Eminem, Kanye West, Drake, Post Malone, and Charlie Puth as melodic inspirations. BTS has furthermore referred to Queen as an effect, saying they “grew up watching accounts of Live Aid.” During their show at Wembley Stadium in London, Jin respected Queen by driving the gathering in a type of Freddie Mercury’s “ay-goodness” serenade from the band’s Live Aid show.

Regardless of melodic inspirations, BTS in like manner takes various inspirations from conceptual, mental, inventive, and philosophical mediums. Their assortment Wings is pushed by Hermann Hesse’s coming mature enough novel, Demian. Their tune “Hard labor” references Friedrich Nietzsche’s Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Herbert James Draper’s The Lament for Icarus, Pieter Bruegel’s Landscape with the Fall of Icarus, and Pieter Bruegel’s The Fall of the Rebel Angels by referring to Nietzsche and featuring the three recently referenced show-stoppers in the music video. Their “Spring Day” music video contains expressive and visual references to Ursula Le Guin’s short story The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas. J-Hope’s solo mixtape, Hope World, and its lead single Daydream were spurred by Jules Verne’s sharp 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, as well as containing a reference to Douglas Adams’ science fiction series The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The Love Yourself series was impacted by Erich Fromm’s The Art of Loving, while their song “Wizardry Shop” of Love Yourself: Tear was spurred by James R. Doty’s diary Into the Magic Shop. Their 2019 assortment Map of the Soul: Persona gets its name from Murray Stein’s Jung’s Map of the Soul: An Introduction.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in, in a helpful letter he stayed in contact with BTS, saw their sincerity and thought of assortment as the get-together’s imperative to advance. Moon communicated that “All of the seven people sings in a way that is reliable with himself and the ordinary routine he wants to encounter. Their melody and sections transcend regional lines, language, culture, and institutions.”[51] The Wire referred to in their article that “BTS is immense considering the way that they are “one of a kind” since they put imaginative commitment to the band’s sound”.

Since the beginning of their business, they have been passing friendly messages on through their sections. For stanzas would open up to respects to the social strain set on Korean young people to rule and advance commendably and to quell their anxieties.” We got together with an ordinary dream to form, dance, and produce music that reflects our melodic establishments as well as our life potential gains of affirmation, shortcoming, and being productive,” said BTS’s boss, RM, in a 2017 gathering with Time.T fundamental replacement debut single, “No More Dream,” was recognized for high schooler absence of care. BTS’s success was a result of mixing their openness through internet-based media in with heartless and fair sections – and guaranteeing their status as a surprisingly strong contender pack doing fighting to beat various gatherings who came from spread-out studios with greater monetary plans. “Dope” straightforwardly adulated the endless work of their lives: “Over a piece of the day, we choke in work/Even expecting our youth ruins in the studio/Thanks to that, we’re closer to success.”

Impact and effect


BTS has been depicted as “successfully the best and best name in K-fly in the world” that can “do things no other name in their group can.” As the essential Korean entertainer to make the Global Artist Chart in 2018, BTS had the second and third first-class assortments worldwide and were the resulting top-of-the-line skilled workers worldwide to the extent that physical, automated, and streaming stages, coming next to Drake. In the United States, BTS addressed 72.7 percent of the assortment use units made by K-pop exhibits in 2018 out of an amount of 17 shows. The most-tweeted-about huge names in the world in 2017 and 2018, Time magazine has named the band one of the 25 most influential people on the web, featured them on the facade of their October 2018 overall variant as “State of the art Leaders,” and named them one of Time 100’s most convincing people of 2019. BTS also came to the Bloomberg 50 of each 2018, and Forbes Korea Power Celebrity has named them the fifth most convincing geniuses of Korea in 2017 and the most enticing celebrities of Korea in 2018. CNN has analyzed the power of the lovers of BTS to that of “Beatlemania.” Their effect drove them to address the United Nations at their 73rd General Assembly and to perform to 400 specialists recalling South Korean President Moon Jae-for at the Korea-France Friendship Concert in Paris, a climax planned to show the pleasant relations among France and South Korea. Due to their responsibilities in spreading Korean culture and language, BTS transformed into the most energetic ever recipient to be allowed the Order of Cultural Merit by the President of South Korea.

BTS has quantifiably recharged the Korean economy and the overall music industry. Credited for the flood in reputation of online procurement of K-pop things and the advancement of the Korean Wave someplace in the scope of 2016 and 2018 by the Korea Customs Service and Korea Foundation, BTS was referred to as one of the crucially primary purposes for the recovery of South Korea’s music-related region to levels seen before China’s 2016 denial on local social substance over soured vital relations. Yung Duk Kim, VP, and head working authority of the Korea Creative Content Agency communicated K-pop has “taken off” since BTS’ omnipresence overflowed, making occupations for BTS and their gathering as well as other K-pop images too. Various media sources sired the term the “BTS sway” to suggest the business effects of BTS’ sway, for instance, when KB Kookmin Bank venture accounts extended six-cross-over stood out from the previous year following BTS’ endorsing and when stock expenses of redirection associations in South Korea shot alert for five days after BTS outmaneuvered the U.S. Notice 200. The effect was furthermore seen when associations appended to BTS, as Netmarble, NetMark, Soribada, Key Shares, GMP, Diffie, and Mattel advancement their stocks rise. Data firm SM2 Networks surveyed Hyundai Motor got ₩600 billion ($502 million) in extraordinary results following designating BTS as their restricted time models in 2018. Embraced on as the movement business representatives in 2017, the Seoul Metropolitan Government credits BTS for the recovery of Seoul’s getting movement business following the 2016 THAAD conflict, getting an ordinary of 790,000 tourists to Korea yearly. In December 2018, the Hyundai Research Institute surveyed BTS was worth more than $3.67 billion to the Korean economy consistently, attracting one in every thirteen outcasts who visit Korea. As of June 2019, BTS’ monetary effect on South Korea is evaluated to be more than ₩5.5 trillion ($4.65 billion) consistently. Close by Ariana Grande and Drake, BTS was credited as a key exhibit helping overall music arrangements to $19 billion out of 2018. Such advantage had not been seen beginning around 2006 after electronic purchases gained energy.

BTS’ work has affected different subject matter experts, including (G)I-DLE, D-Crunch’s Hyunho, The Boyz’ Younghoon, SF9’s Zoho, Euna Kim, Golden Child’s Jaehyun, Wanna One, IN2IT, Park Ji-hoon, Kim Dong-Han, Seven O’Clock, Hyeongseop X Euiwoong, Noir, Victon’s Sejun, and Loona. After BTS conveyed their single “Image,” the National Gugak Center expected to develop the amount Korean instrument sounds available because of extended interest from Korean and new producers the equivalent. K-pop image bundles moreover began changing the subjects of their sections from heartfelt stories to words, for instance, “looking for myself” following BTS’ “Love Yourself” time and RM’s talk at the United Nations.

Awards and determinations

BTS have gotten many distinctions and regards, including 15 Melon Music Awards, 15 Mnet Asian Music Awards, 14 Golden Disk Awards 12 Seoul Music Awards, 10 Gaon Chart Music Awards, 4 Billboard Music Awards (first Korean get-together), 4 Korean Music Awards, and one American Music Award (first Korean get-together). In Korea, BTS has one Multi-Million assortment and a 1,000,000 assortment. As the essential Korean social affair to get RIAA confirmation, BTS has 2 Platinum single, 3 Gold singles, and 1 Gold assortment in the United States. In Japan, BTS has 2 Multi-Platinum singles, one Multi-Platinum assortment, and 3 Gold assortments.

BTS furthermore has a gigantic social effect and at present holds 7 Guinness World Records, including the world record for Most Twitter responsibility. To date,e they have consumed 131 weeks at #1 on the Billboard Social 50 chart. In October 2018, BTS has conceded a fifth-class Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit from the President of South Korea for their responsibilities in spreading Korean culture and language. The people from BTS became people from the Recording Academy in 2019 out of appreciation for their responsibilities to music and as an element of a push to help with growing Grammy Award residents.

On November 7, 2019, it was represented that BTS has transformed into the fundamental K-Pop show to remain on Billboard 200 for a whole year. “Love Yourself: Answer” reappeared Billboard’s guideline assortments outline on Monday, November 4 (No. 165). The assortment has remained on the diagrams for 52, non-consecutive weeks, making the assortment the first, and at present, simply K-pop assortment to do thusly.

Various undertakings
Noble cause

BTS has involved itself in a collection of charitable events. In 2015, they gave seven tons (7,187 kg) of rice to a respectable goal at the K-Star Road opening capacity held in Apgujeong-dong. The following year they checked out ALLETS’s “Could we Share the Heart” composed exertion respectable objective campaign with Naver to raise presents for LISA, an establishment “which passes forward a preparation business on to fight blindness recollecting research for degenerative retina ailment treatment and an ability to work on cordial care on the debilitated. In April 2018, BTS participated in Stevie Wonder’s “Dream Still Lives” award for Martin Luther King Jr. with various huge names, sharing their dreams and assumptions for the world. It was uncovered that Stevie Wonder himself had mentioned that BTS participate in the campaign.

In January 2017, news media declared that BTS and Big Hit Entertainment had given KR₩100,000,000 (US$85,000) to the 4/16 Sewol Families for Truth and A Safer Society, an affiliation related with the gatherings of the 2014 Sewol Ferry Disaster. Each part has given KR₩10,000,000 and Big Hit Entertainment gave an additional KR₩30,000,000. The gift was wanted to have been made secretively. Before long, BTS definitively shipped off their Love Myself campaign, a drive given to getting “and sponsorship child and youngster overcomers of local and school brutality as well as assault around the world…”, in relationship with the Korean Committee for UNICEF. BTS gave 500 million won (US$448,000) from the people, and 100% of all arrangements of genuine items for the Love Myself campaign throughout the accompanying two years, as well as fuse gift workspaces presented by UNICEF, towards a couple of social tasks helping fierceness aversion against children and teenagers and support programs for overcomers of violence. Besides, 3% of the arrangements from each assortment in the Love Yourself series (Love Yourself: Her, Love Yourself: Tear, and Love Yourself: Answer) will be given to the explanation. Within two months of its farewell, the mission raised an additional of KR₩106,000,000, taking the general backings complete to KR₩606,000,000.

In April 2018, BTS participated in Stevie Wonder’s “Dream Still Lives” award for Martin Luther King Jr. nearby various VIPs, sharing their dreams and assumptions for the world. It was revealed that Stevie Wonder himself had mentioned that BTS participate in the mission.

People from the social occasion have moreover busy with individual liberal endeavors. Starting around 2016, Jimin has maintained the graduated class of Busan Hoedong Elementary School, his establishment of registration, by taking care of uniform expenses. After new understanding with regards to the school’s end was conveyed, he gave summer and winter focus school formal attire to the last graduated class and talented marked assortments to the entire student body.[54] For his 25th birthday festivity, Suga gave ten kilograms of prime Korean meat to 39 shelters in Korea under the name of BTS’ ARMY fan club.[55]On February 18, 2019, J-Hope gave ₩100,000,000 (the US $89,000) to help low-pay students going to his place of graduation through ChildFund Korea. Earlier, on December 20, 2018, J-Hope gave ₩150,000,000 (the US $133,000) to ChildFund Korea to help “students in human articulation, music, and real preparation who need money related assistance to seek after their dreams, and students who need assistance with paying for clinical consideration”. What, truly love J-Hope gave 128 sacks of rice to Gwangju, J-Hope’s old area, close by uniting with the affiliation “Korea Food for the Hungry International” to figure out the “Trust on the Stop Hunger” project, a work that “upholds starving youths in 53 countries with emergency help and food”. Through and through, around 35 different fan philanthropical projects were finished to honor J-Hope’s 25th birthday festivity. On March 9, 2019, Suga gave ₩100,000,000 (the US $89,000) to the Korea Pediatric Cancer Foundation and 329 lavish toys to the children patients, close by setting his gifts under the fanbase name. On December 4, 2018, Jin before long gave sacks of food, bowls, and covers to animals under the affirmation of the Korean Animal Welfare Association. Furthermore, fans gave 344 game plans of female tidiness things worth ₩6,000,000 (the US $5390) to Gwacheon, Jin’s old area.

On September 24, 2018, BTS went to the United Nations 73rd General Assembly for the farewell of the young adult drive called “Youth 2030: The UN Youth Strategy” and its relating UNICEF campaign named “Age Unlimited”. For the social occasion, BTS’ pioneer RM conveyed a six-minute talk in English concerning self-affirmation, as well as their Love Myself campaign. According to UNICEF, the goal of the drive is “to give quality tutoring and getting ready to young people”. BTS was picked to go to in light of their impact on youth culture through their music and social messages, past liberal endeavors, and conspicuousness among the 15-to-25-year-old age fragment.

In January 2020, Starbucks Korea reported that they would accomplice along with BTS to send off the “Be the Brightest Stars” crusade including restricted version drinks, food, and product solely in South Korea. A piece of the benefit from the mission will go towards vocation and instructive advancement programs for distraught youth as a feature of The Beautiful Foundation’s Opportunity Youth Independence Project.


BTS has stayed aware of different overall help deals in various organizations generally through their business. Joined along with Puma beginning around 2015, BTS at first progressed their athletic clothing as Puma Korea’s picture agents preceding stretching out to become overall delegates in 2018 and propelling the remix of Puma’s “Turin” and “Sportstyle” line all over the planet. In 2019, BTS transformed into the absolute first male pop assembling to cooperate with Dior, as the social occasion wielded Kim Jones’ Pre-Fall 2019 grouping at their show at Stade de France. Business of Fashion is alluded to it as “the K-Pop industry’s most high profile sponsorship ever”. In September 2019, Fila detailed that BTS has denoted a select concurrence with them to be their new models all over the planet.

BTS filled in as overall brand clergymen for LG Electronics to propel their LG G7 ThinQ telephone, and for Hyundai Motors as an element of the association’s headways at the 2018 LA Auto Show for its 2019 chief SUV the “Palisade”. Due to BTS’ support, Hyundai got essentially twofold their normal local solicitation volume for the vehicle. In the movement business region, BTS has worked as brand models for Lotte Duty-Free Shop beginning around 2017 and has favored the movement business delegates for Seoul as an element of the ‘I Seoul U’ program. Restricted time sees conveyed by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, including the get-together, communicated to more than 100 countries. BTS similarly united along with popular Korean correspondence application Line, to make new Line ‘characters’ called BT21. The planned exertion at first made emojis and electronic stickers, yet later reached out to join style clothing, footwear, embellishments, and another item. Line pioneer stores opened all through Seoul before spreading across the overall market into Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the United States.

In the entertainment region, BTS circulated the webtoons Hip Hop Monster and We On through the Nate Webtoon doorway, and the webtoon Save Me collectively with LICO and Line Webtoon. In the toy business, Mattel made dolls showed off BTS’ outfits from the music video “Image”, Medicom Toy made the “BE@RBRICK”, a square-like toy featuring the BTS logo and accents showed after BTS’ stage pieces of clothing, and Funko conveyed BTS types of Funko Pops. In the gaming industry, Nexon conveyed character images taking into account BTS for their RPG game Elsword, and BTS worked with DalcomSoft to convey the beat game Superstar BTS in January 2018, also moreover with Netmarble Games for the story-based, adaptable amusement game BTS World conveyed in June 2019. In November 2019, BTS revealed they are teaming up with Casetify to overall farewell another tech ruffle grouping, which contains embellishments feasible with iPhone, Samsung devices, AirPods, Apple Watch, MacBooks, iPads and that is just a hint of something larger.

In Asia, BTS has worked as brand spokespersons for KB Kookmin Bank, one of the four greatest banks in South Korea. Their organized exertion delivered the send-off of more than 180,000 records, and BTS expanded their concurrence with KB Kookmin Bank through 2019. Coca-Cola Korea stamped BTS on as their new mission model for progressions during the 2018 World Cup in Russia. In the greatness and clothing industry, BTS has kept a relationship with uniform brand SMART start around 2016, having re-established their concurrence with them through 2019. BTS hse also progressed the facial covering brand Mediheal, the excellence care items brand VT Cosmetics, and the contact point of convergence brand Play/Up. In October 2019, Kyungnam Pharmaceutical announced that BTSise going to be the new brand pastor for Lemona, a supplement upgrade association. The association detailed they are planning to reach out to the overall market with BTS and conveyance new supplement refreshments.

In October 2019, earthenware association Kwangjuyo communicated that they will cooperate with BTS in conveying plates, mugs, and various pieces. The shades of the earthenware were energized by Map of the Soul: Persona, and the Plum Blossom configuration is used to address the message of trust and motivation that BTS brings. Similarly in October 2019, Tokopedia, an Indonesian web-based business association, revealed that BTS will be their new picture pastors.

In December 2019, BTS were accounted for as the new overall agents of ABB FIA Formula E Championship, the electric street hustling series, Formula E. Through the association, the South Korean septet, and Formula E will team up to propel how electric vehicles can help with combatting natural change.


Studio assortments
Dull and Wild (2014)
Wings (2016)
You Never Walk Alone (repackage) (2017)
Love Yourself: Tear (2018)
Guide of the Soul: 7 (2020)
Little assortments
O!RUL8,2? (2013)
Skool Luv Affair (2014)
Skool Luv Affair Special Addition (repackage) (2014)
The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt.1 (2015)
The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt.2 (2015)
Love Yourself: Her (2017)
Guide of the Soul: Persona (2019)
BE (2020)
Aggregation assortments
The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever (2016)
Love Yourself: Answer (2018)
Single assortments
2 Cool 4 Skool (2013)
Soundtrack assortments
BTS World: Original Soundtrack (2019)
Progressed singles
“Hazard (Mo-Blue-Mix) (Feat. Thanh)” (2014)
“Get back” (2017)
“Fake LOVE (Rocking Vibe Mix)” (2018)
“Dream Glow” (2019)
“A Brand New Day” (2019)
“Throughout the Night” (2019)
“Make It Right (achievement. Lauv)” (2019)
“Make It Right (achievement. Lauv) (EDM Remix)” (2019)
“Make It Right (achievement. Lauv) (Acoustic Remix)” (2019)
“Dull Swan” (2020)

Composed endeavors

Lim Jeong-hee – “Ashes” (Pre-debut, 2010)
2 AM – “Love U, Hate U” (Pre-debut, 2010)
Lee Hyun – “Reprobate” (Pre-debut, 2011)
Kan Mi-Youn – “considering the way that I’m a Foolish Woman” (Pre-debut, 2011)
Lee Seung Gi – “A Song Make to You Smile” (Pre-debut, 2011)
Progressed singles
“Kid In Luv (Chinese Ver.)” (2015)
Studio assortments
Stir (2014)
Youth (2016)
Face Yourself (2018)
Guide of the Soul: 7 ~The Journey~ (2020)
Best assortments
2 Cool 4 Skool/O!RUL8,2? (2014)
The Best of BTS – Japan Edition-(2017)
The Best of BTS – Korea Edition-(2017)
BTS, THE BEST (2021)
“No More Dream” (2014)
“Kid In Luv” (2014)
“Hazard” (2014)
“For You” (2015)
“I Need U” (2015)
“Run” (2016)
“Hard labor” (2017)
“MIC Drop/DNA/Crystal Snow” (2017)
“Fake LOVE/Airplane Pt.2” (2018)
“Lights/Boy With Luv” (2019)
Electronic singles
“Stay Gold” (2020)
“Film out” (2021)


Single assortments
Margarine (2021)
Electronic EPs
Dangerous (DayTime) (2020)
Dangerous (NightTime) (2020)
Margarine (Hotter, Sweeter, Cooler) (2021)
Electronic singles
“MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix) (Feat. Desiigner)” (2017)
“Waste It On Me” (Steve Aoki including BTS) (2018)
“Waste It On Me (Slushii Remix)” (Steve Aoki including BTS) (2018)
“Waste It On Me (Cheat Codes Remix)” (Steve Aoki including BTS) (2018)
“Waste It On Me (W&W Remix)” (Steve Aoki including BTS) (2018)
“Waste It On Me (Steve Aoki The Bold Tender Sneeze Remix)” (Steve Aoki including BTS) (2018)
“Touchy” (2020)
“Touchy (Holiday Remix)” (2020)
“Margarine” (2021)
Joint endeavors
Lauv – “Who” (2020)


BTS Live Trilogy Episode II: The Red Bullet (2014)
BTS’s First Japan Tour-Wake Up: Open Your Eyes (2015)
BTS Live The Most Beautiful Moment in Life On Stage (2015)
BTS Live Trilogy Episode III: The Wings Tour (2017)
BTS World Tour: Love Yourself (2018-2019)
BTS Map of the Soul Tour (2020)


Consume The Stage: The Movie
BTS World Tour: Love Yourself in Seoul
Bring The Soul: The Movie
Fledgling King: Channel Bangtan – BTS-based unscripted TV show, Episode 1-8
BTS American Hustle Life – BTS-based unscripted TV dramatization, Episode 1-8
BTS Comeback Show – Special
BTS Countdown – Special
Web series
BTS GO! – BTS-based unscripted TV dramatization, Episode 7
BTS: Lucky Draw – Episode 1-5
Run BTS! – Episode 1-85
BTS Gayo – Episode 1-15
BTS: Bon Voyage – Episode 1-24
Bring The Soul: Docu-Series – Episode 1-6


Virtuoso BTS (2018)
BTS World (2019)

Arbitrary information

bts is the first k pop group to top billboards hot 100 with gddg.1920

Their fan club name is A.R.M.Y, and that infers Adorable Representative M.C for Youth.
Their imprint for the Japanese assortments used to be Pony Canyon. The current one is Def Jam Records, where there are Western specialists stamped.
They have 3 plans of emoticons on the application KakaoTalk, 2 sets with emoticons on the V App, and 13 Snow ‘point of convergence’, 9 of them being with the young fellows during Blood Sweat and Tears progressions.
They conveyed a Taiwan excellent delivery, of the assortment Dark and Wild, with a prize tune, Boy in Luv (Chinese structure)
Superior Boi and Iron are two of the past people who expected to join BTS.
They went to a baseball match, on June 2, 2017, tending to the gathering Tigers.
Reliably, in June, (the month BTS showed up), there is a festival called the “BTS Festa” when they release stowed away pictures, fronts of tunes, and loads more.
4 people have their Studios, RM ‘RKive’ (recently called Mon Studio), Suga ‘Virtuoso Lab’, J-Hope ‘Trust World’, and Jungkook ‘Splendid Closet’.

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