A true millennial heart Suhana Khan

Suhana Khan Age

A true millennial at heart , Suhana Khan’s wardrobe picks feature all the sartorial emblems of her generation. Coffer to mention, that being the kid of the long- lasting actor, Shah Rukh Khan, and accredited developer developer Gauri Khan, acting and fineness are presumably ingrained in her DNA. As a card- carrying member of the … Read more

Our Trip to San Francisco

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Spring outfit with beige cardigan, green trousers and black top

cardigan for women

Spring outfit with a beige cardigan, black top and green pantsWe have only just said goodbye to winter. But I can’t really part with the colors in the springtime fashion. At the moment I like to use natural tones in beige, black and green. My look today has exactly this mixture of colors and is … Read more