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Who is Suga?

Min Yoon-gi is a South Korean rapper, performer, and record creator. He is an observable person from the South Korean pop assembling ‘BTS.’ He has recorded a couple of autonomous tunes too. Yoon-gi started as an underground rapper, before joining the K-pop assembly, ‘BTS.’ He was especially young when he started framing tunes. He has more than 60 tunes amazingly. Since his presentation with ‘BTS,’ Yoon-gi has remained an essential piece of the social affair. He is a multi-gifted person who can form, make, and mix music. He is lovingly called ‘Suga’ by his fans. Yoon-gi shot to approval when ‘BTS’ transformed into an overall accomplishment. He is the heartthrob of millions of music darlings all over. He has an immense high schooler fan base.


Youth and Early Life

Min Yoon-gi was brought into the world on March 9, 1993, in Daegu, South Korea, into a defenseless family. He has senior kin. Yoon-gi at first went to the ‘Taejeon Elementary School.’ He then joined the ‘Gwaneum Middle School’ and the ‘Apgujeong High School.’ He holds a huge in Broadcasting Performing Art from the ‘Overall Cyber University.’

Right, when Yoon-gi was 12, he focused on hip-hop tunes, for instance, Stony Skunk’s ‘Ragga Muffin’ and Epik High’s ‘Fly.’ He was inconceivably charged up by the hip-ricochet sort of music, as he felt that it was not exactly as old as music. He started making music at the energetic age of 13. At 17 years of age, Yoon-gi started accomplishing low upkeep work with a recording studio. While working there, he plunged all the more profoundly into making and arranging music and started performing rap music. From the get-go, his people were not incredibly consistent with his employment choice. Nevertheless, they later recognized his choice and were satisfied with him.

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  • Min Yoon-gi started his calling as an underground rapper with the hip-hop bundle ‘D-Town.’ He used the stage name “Shimmer” for his shows. This was the severe understanding of his name in English. In 2010, while working with ‘D-Town,’ he conveyed the tune ‘518-062,’ in acknowledgment of the ‘Gwangju Uprising.’ He moreover displayed as a craftsman in Jo Kwon’s music video ‘I’m The One.’


  • In 2013, Min Yoon-gi showed up as a part of the South Korean adolescent gathering ‘Bangtan Boys,’ in any case called ‘BTS.’ The band was formed by the delight association ‘Achievement Entertainment.’ Yoon-gi took on the stage name “Suga” for ‘BTS.‘ The name was founded from the underlying two syllables of the articulation “shooting watch.” Yoon-gi is lively concerning ball, and remember that in school, he played as a shooting screen. The band showed up in June 2013, with the track ‘No More Dream’ from their show assortment, ‘2 Cool 4 Skool.’ Yoon-gi has made a number out of tracks for ‘BTS.’


  • In 2014, ‘BTS’ conveyed a Japanese assortment, ‘Wake Up,’ and a South Korean assortment, ‘Dull and Wild.’ Yoon-gi created different hit tunes for ‘BTS, for instance, ‘Bounce,’ ‘Tomorrow,’ and ‘Like. He made tunes for their hit assortments ‘Wings’ and ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1.’ The tunes framed by him were particularly esteemed and helped ‘BTS’ gain enormous accomplishment. The band performed at events like the ‘Mnet Asian Music Awards and the ‘Notice Music Awards.’ In 2017, ‘Bangtan Boys’ transformed into the primary K-pop assembling to win the honor for the ‘Top Social Artist at the ‘Declaration Music Awards.’


  • In 2016, Min Yoon-gi started his exhibition calling and conveyed his show mixtape under the bogus name “Agust D” on.’ ‘not set in stone the alias by spelling ‘DT’ and ‘Suga’ in turn around. ‘DT’ is the shortened construction for his old area, Daegu Town. In this assortment, Yoon-gi discussed his battle with hopelessness and social dread. It was assessed as one of the primary 20 mixtapes of 2016 by ‘Breaker TV.’


  • In 2017, Yoon-gi made the tune ‘Wine’ for entertainer Suran. This tune was a triumph with the youngsters of Korea. It showed up at the second flawless the ‘Gaon Digital Chart’ and won an honor for the best ‘Soul/R&B’ track at the ‘Melon Music Awards’ in December 2017. Yoon-gi got the ‘Hot Trend Award’ for his work in this tune.


  • In February 2018, Yoon-gi reissued his mixtape for cutting-edge purchase and streaming. Later the reissue, the assortment accomplished remarkable accomplishment. It showed up at the third perfect the ‘Declaration World Albums Chart’ and the fifth spot on the ‘Heatseekers Albums’ graph. It furthermore moved to number 74 on the ‘Top Album Sales Chart.’ Yoon-gi’s presentation release under the name “Agust D” showed up at number 46 on the ‘Emerging Artists’ diagram.’ Min Yoon-gi right currently has more than 60 tunes enrolled in his name.


Individual Life


Min Yoon-gi is single. He has been an obvious partner of the LGBTQ+ social class. He has battle bitterness and has been vocal concerning it.

Yoon-gi has a selfless side to him. He had once pledged to buy meat for his fans if he anytime transformed into a productive entertainer. On his 25th birthday festivity, Yoon-gi coursed meat to 39 safe houses as ‘Outfitted power,’ the fan base of ‘BTS.’


Irregular information


Yoon-gi fights distress and stress by shaping stanzas. He created the tune ‘Like It’ within 40 minutes. Regardless of the way that he is a laid-back individual, he is very consistent while shaping music. He makes music reliably, regardless, when he is in a parlor region or a lavatory. He gets a kick out of the opportunity to make rhymes about regular conditions.

Rest, quiet spots and less-amassed places are the three things he appreciates. His performers regularly suggest him as “Grandpa.”


Min Yoon-gi loathings moving. His side advantages are playing, getting funnies, and taking photographs. He is vigorous concerning ball. He knows about various dialects of the Korean language yet isn’t unnecessarily incredible in Japanese and English.

Yoon-gi is an authentic and direct person. He offers abrupt articulations and advises the more energetic partners they submit mistakes. His sections rely upon subjects that are stacked with life and trust. His maxim in life is: “We ought to live while living it up. Doing music as your recreation action and achieving it as work is interesting.”


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Suga important details


Stage Name: SUGA (슈가)/Agust D (when solo)

Unique Name: Min Yoon Gi

Birthday: March 9, 1993

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Height: 174 cm (5’8.5″)

Weight: 59 kg (130 lbs)

Blood order: O


Specialist Emoji: 🐱

Suga’s Spotify list: Suga’s Hip-Hop Replay

Instagram: @agustd


SUGA Facts:


– He was brought into the world in Buk-gu, Daegu, South Korea.

– SUGA’s family includes Dad, mother, and more settled kin (Min Geumjae).

– Guidance: Global Cyber University – Liberal Arts Major (solitary officer).

– SUGA got his stage name from the CEO since he is pale and his smile is sweet (like sugar) and because it addresses the shooting screen, like the position he plays in b-ball. “Syuting gardeu” – shooting watch in hangul – > “syuga”.

SUGA: “I the got name SUGA because my skin is pale, I’m pretty when I smile because that I’m sweet.(laughs) I pick this name since I really want to progress agreeably.”

– He’s responsible for fixing the things that RM breaks. He changes the lights, fixes the restroom, etc

– People routinely allude to him as “grandpa” since he rests continually and can be snappy.

– He by and large scolds and hassles the more energetic people when they submit a mistake.

– SUGA’s appellations: Motionless Min since when he has free days, he sits inactive and Mr. Appendix since he had a burst informative supplement operation in 2013 (December).

– SUGA chose to transform into a rapper resulting in focusing on Flyby’ by Epik High.

– His genuine model: Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Lil W, Wayne Hit-Boy Boy.

– He was an underground rapper and was in a get-together called D-Town.

– Exactly when he was an underground rapper he was known as Gloss cause that is the English translation of Yoongi.

– SUGA has been making/making music since he was 13.

– He has a driving grant.

– He appreciates making a move. R,right when he was a student he made a move every Sunday.

– SUGA thought he wanted to create to 180 cm, yet he stayed a comparative reach from focus school till now. (Ask Us Anything ep. 94)

– He venerates snoozing.

– He’s terrible at Japanese and English.

– SUGA’s person is exceptionally clear.

– Exactly when he youngeroung he expected to transform into a modeler.

– On a video blog from 2013, he said he would have to transform into a DJ on a public transmission.

– His recreation exercises are getting funnies, b-ball, playing, and taking pictures.

– SUGA’s saying: “We ought to live with living it up. Doing music as your side interest and achieving it as work it one of a kind.”

– SUGA forms stanzas/makes tunes step by step. He creates stanzas regardless, when he is in the parlor region, in the vehicle or on the toilet.

– He created the tune ‘촣아요’ (Like It) in under 40 minutes.

– He in like manner conveyed tunes for various trained professionals. Suga conveyed Suran’s chart beating pre-release track “Wine” which has sold more than 500,000 electronic downloads.

– SUGA uses the bogus name Agust D for his presentation works (“DT”, short for his beginning “Daegu Town”, and “Suga”, spelled backward).

– He formed and made Agust D mixtape, which got a huge load of thought.

– He can play the piano.

– Right when he has an issue he banters with RM considering the way that their age opening is nearly nothing and they similarly share things for all goals reason.


Hope now you all guys know more about Suga……

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